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There are thousands of travelers flying into the Gold Coast Airport everyday. They are treated to a moving postcard as the spectacular view of the as the coastal city unfolds in front of them

Gold Coast Airport

The Gold Coast Airport, or the Coolangatta Airport, is an Australian domestic and international airport on the Gold Coast and is situated some 100 km south of Brisbane City. Gold Coast Airport serves as the newest hub for Jetstar Airways. Gold Coast Airport is one of the fastest growing airports in Australia, currently the 6th busiest and, during financial year 2007, has handled more than 3.7 million passengers. 352,554 visitors passed through the airport in January 2007, which represents an all-time high of passengers handled in a single month by Gold Coast Airport. There are high demands of car rentals gold coast. The entrance to the airport is situated in the suburb of Bilinga on the Gold Coast. The runway itself straddles 5 suburbs of twin cities across the state border of Queensland and New South Wales. During summer these states are in two different time zones.

Gold coast airport are meeting their environmental management objectives. Ecosure has undertaken fauna monitoring along the gold coast airport's section of coolangatta creek on an ongoing basis since march 2001. In this project all major fauna groups have been assessed over a long term period as part of a multi-faceted bio-monitoring program linked to water quality.

Significant terrestrial fauna monitoring program, gold coast airport pty ltd. Ecosure has been monitoring populations of legislatively significant frogs, mammals and birds on gold coast airport since 2006. The monitoring involves a number of different survey techniques including call playback (frogs and cryptic birds), pitfall trapping (planigales), observational surveys and habitat assessments. Environmental management plan, cobaki environmental precinct, gold coast airport pty ltd.

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Explore Car Rentals are gold coast airport car hire service, gold coast airport hertz, gold coast airport budget, gold coast airport thrifty and europcar at gold coast airport. If you shop around you can obtain some very competitive quotes especially from some of the smaller local car hire companies outside the airport terminal. The public buses have frequent services around the gold coast and you can get on the board from the airport. Our gold coast buses page provides information on gold coast airport buses. Gold coast airport trains provide fast and cheap fares in and out of the brisbane cbd and beyond. We also have a page covering the brisbane trains system. The weather in the gold coast area is sub tropical and is much warmer and sunnier than the likes of sydney.

Airport Car fleet rentals are best served by custom tailored long-term programs. Gold Coast Airport and its specialized personnel assure that time and money can be saved by offering high-quality programs in operational leasing of all new car models available. We also offer a large variety of used cars that can be rented for as long as you need. The rental of used cars is usually more advantageous because the car has already done some write-downs and thus the cost of renting is lower. We have designed and implemented leasing programs for large companies, such as, the metro of athens and Coolangatta airport

Many of the vehicle companies reserve the right at their discetion to restrict vehicle movements in certain areas, cross borders or due to adverse road and weather conditions. With Four Wheel Drive Vehicles and Campervans there are few restrictions on where the vehicles may go, renters must stay on recognised tracks and gazetted roads. If you're not sure if the area you are travelling to is restricted talk with the Vehicle Rental company first.