Car Fleet

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Our Car fleet are amongst the youngest cars we have, being in average only one year old. So, at first glance, you might not recognize their sleek lines and designer curves. The new ford fiestas incorporate ford's kinetic and dynamic design principle, so they look just as good parked in your north cyprus hotel car park as they do on the road.

New, Stylish and Reliable Vehicles

Has the sleek styling and interior comfort you'd expect from a modern car, and at pacific rent a car, we offer a choice of manual or automatic gearbox. If you're just planning to travel short distances in north cyprus, or are based around kyrenia, you probably will prefer the manual models. If you want to explore more of north cyprus, the automatic model is often more relaxing to drive. Is a great family-sized rental car for north cyprus holidays, and none of our cars are over 4 years old, so they run like a dream. Car fleet is very updated. But the news are rather good. For 2009 shows an improvement of 7% in fuel economy, or 1. 4 mpg, bringing the average to 22. 4 mpg (kind of a sad record, when you think about it). Another piece of good news is that the ratio of cars to trucks has been shifting back in favor of cars. It has declined to 40 percent in 2009 models, a decrease of 7 percent from 2008 and 12 percent from the peak year of 2004, when the 'average' car was a light truck. The reliable cars share is now at its lowest level since 1995.

Choosing a vehicle

Car fleet are best served by custom tailored long-term programs. Explore Car Rentals Gold Coast and its specialized personnel assure that time and money can be saved by offering high-quality programs in operational leasing of all new car models available. We also offer a large variety of used cars that can be rented for as long as you need (from 1 month until indefinitely. The rental of used cars is usually more advantageous because the car has already done some write-downs and thus the cost of renting is lower. We have designed and implemented leasing programs for large companies, such as, the metro of athens and Gold Coast airport etc. And we guarantee that you will be provided with the best solution regarding today's company needs

Car Options

- Hyundai Getz (Manual)
- Hyundai Getz (Automatic)
- Hyundai I30 (Manual)
- Hyundai I30 (Automatic)
- Hyundau Tucson

- Toyota Camry
- Toyota Hilux Ute
- Toyota Tarago

- Nissan X-Trail

And more!!!